Astrology Bytes with Theresa Reed
Astrology for Entrepreneurs with Rebecca Gordon

Astrology for Entrepreneurs with Rebecca Gordon

July 1, 2022

Episode 162. Did you know astrology can be a fantastic tool for entrepreneurs? I use it in my business all the time. The reason why: it works. In this episode of Astrology Bytes, I'm joined by one of my favorite astrologers, Rebecca Gordon, to talk about astrology for business. We discuss the role of the natal chart in determining your career and leadership style, plus how to hire the right team to support your biz. You'll also learn about using astrological transits for intelligent timing and more. Rebecca also shares her unique way of looking at the natal chart as an "ecosystem." Once you learn her method, you'll never look at a chart the same way again. We also talk about her program, Astrology For Entrepreneurs. I've taken the course myself, and it is excellent.

Mercury Transits Through the Signs

Mercury Transits Through the Signs

June 24, 2022

Episode 161. Mercury spends about three weeks in a sign. Mercury can indicate changes in communication, ideas, thinking, skills, mental stimulation, conversations, and where you’re curious.

Aries - When Mercury is in Aries, thinking becomes fast - and so does decision-making. On the high side, this means you’re not sitting around waiting for permission to do anything. On the low side, you could be impulsive, which could lead to regrets later on. This transit also brings out blunt but honest communication. You’re not afraid to say it like it is - but you could be more argumentative than usual.

Taurus - When Mercury is in Taurus, you can slow your thinking down. Instead of rushing to make decisions, you’ll prefer to take your time. Your thinking becomes more grounded, patient, and practical. This is an excellent time for discussions around money because security may be on your mind. Watch out for a tendency to be obstinate.

Gemini - When Mercury is in Gemini, life seems to hurry by. You’re busy, flitting from one situation to the next. Communication is snappy and witty. This is the perfect transit to indulge your intellectual curiosity: take classes or read great books. It’s a fabulous time for generating new ideas but you can also be easily distracted with shiny object syndrome. Gossip is exciting now - but you’ll want to take some of it with a grain of salt.

Cancer - When Mercury is in Cancer, emotions can influence your thinking. You may be more sensitive and intuitive too. However, it’s easy to slip into pining away for the past, something you’ll want to guard against. If you want to investigate old issues, that’s one thing. But clinging to the “good old days” isn’t productive. You’ll also need to be careful you don’t take everything personally at this time. Mercury in Cancer is excellent for strengthening memory and expressing your feelings.

Leo - When Mercury is in Leo, your thinking is BIG and bold. This is your best time for grand gestures and theatrical declarations! Take the main stage, grab the mic, and have your say! Heart-to-heart conversations could heal situations or inspire others too (this is a persuasive transit). It’s also an excellent few weeks to talk about yourself - provided you don’t hog the spotlight.

 Virgo - When Mercury is in Virgo, thinking sharpens and becomes analytical. Now you can sort out all the teeny details. Decision-making can happen once you’ve compared every option - provided you don’t get hung up on the fine print.

Libra - When Mercury is in Libra, we feel pleasant, tactful, and friendly. Balance is important, which means we want to weigh all sides with care before reaching a judgment. This is also a persuasive transit, so it’s favorable for negotiations. However, there can be a tendency to people-please, which may make you feel like going along with things just to avoid conflict.

Scorpio - When Mercury is in Scorpio, you can get to the bottom of things. Thinking is sharp, analytical, and probing. You’re not content with surface conversations either - you want depth. Intuition is amplified, leading to psychic experiences and lucid dreams. This transit is also ideal for secrets or exploring controversial topics. Watch out for obsessing and brooding as well as a tendency to be sarcastic.

Sagittarius - When Mercury is in Sagittarius, thinking becomes optimistic. Suddenly, you feel carefree and ready for fun. Your mind is open and interested in the world at large. Also: your faith increases. Life feels good! This is tolerant transit overall, but sometimes it can bring about hypocrisy. Make sure you question your own beliefs as thoroughly as you question other people’s.

Capricorn - When Mercury is in Capricorn, the mind is pragmatic, stoic, and orderly. This means you can see the best way to the top of any situation. This is your time to be unapologetically ambitious, to go for the gold and study anything that will further your goals. Mercury in Capricorn also allows the head to lead, which means it’s unlikely your emotions will get in the way. Watch out for being rigid and too serious. Remember to keep your humor,

Aquarius - When Mercury is in Aquarius, your thinking is inventive, original, and maybe a bit eccentric. You can think outside the box and find new ways to solve problems. During this transit, you can learn new things - and envision the future you want. Conversations are friendly, objective, and intelligent. However, this is another stubborn transit - it’s too easy to close people off if you don’t like their point of view.

Pisces - When Mercury is in Pisces, you can tap into your sensitive side. Compassion rules, and you’ll feel like giving the shirt off your back to anyone who appears needy. This is also an imaginative few weeks, ideal for artists, musicians, and writers. Dreams are vivid - and it’s easy to get lost in woolgathering. Keep your feet on the ground if you want to avoid getting swept away by your feelings or daydreams!

Your Dominant Sign and How It Affects You with Noush Joon

Your Dominant Sign and How It Affects You with Noush Joon

May 27, 2022

Episode 160. I have three planets in Gemini and three in Virgo. That's a lot of Mercury-ruled vibes! So what effect does that have on my chart? Astrologer Noush Joon joins me to talk about how to find your dominant sign - and what it means for you. 

Chinese Astrology with Mimi Young

Chinese Astrology with Mimi Young

May 20, 2022

Episode 159. Most people have an idea of their Chinese Astrology sign. However, Chinese Astrology is more complex than that. Like Western Astrology, there are Rising Signs and Elements. But the two systems are different. In this episode of Astrology Bytes, Mimi Young of Ceremonie talks with me about Chinese Astrology basics. 

Creating Rituals for New and Full Moons with Leslie Tagorda and Natalie Miller

Creating Rituals for New and Full Moons with Leslie Tagorda and Natalie Miller

April 29, 2022

Episode 158. More people want to know about astrology - especially how to make it work for them. In this episode of Astrology Bytes, Leslie Tagorda and Natalie Miller share their best tips for creating effective New and Full Moon rituals. We also talk about eclipses, the zodiacs wild cards!

Lunar Phases with Kim Woods

Lunar Phases with Kim Woods

April 22, 2022

Episode 157. If you're into astrology, you probably know what your Moon sign is. But do you know the Lunar Phase? The Lunar Phase has a lot to say - and it adds new layers to chart interpretation. Kim Woods joins me again to talk about the Lunar Phases of the Moon and how they impact your natal chart.

Moon Transits Through the Signs

Moon Transits Through the Signs

April 8, 2022

Episode 156. The Moon spends about two and a half days in a sign. The Moon can indicate emotions, daily routines, and the mood of the public.

Let’s go through each sign:

Aries - When the Moon is in Aries, the energy is high and folks are feeling optimistic. This is your best day to start new things. Take a risk, be decisive, and get ready to move at the speed of light. Also: speak up and lead. Watch out for impulse and aggression.

Taurus - When the Moon is in Taurus, the pace slows down. Security and luxury may both play a role in this day. Find the balance between saving for the future and treating yourself. Cook nourishing meals, organize your home, take care of practical matters, and put pampering on the schedule. Watch out for stubbornness and grudge matches.

Gemini - When the Moon is in Gemini, mental energy is elevated. This day is excellent for running errands, studying, writing, catching up with friends, and reading all the books. You may be more social than usual too. Watch out for restlessness and a tendency to scatter yourself in too many directions.

Cancer - When the Moon is in Cancer, it’s truly at home because the Moon rules Cancer. Security is the driving force and you may be more focused on home and family. Get your nest in order, spend time with loved ones, take care of your elders or children. Emotions are strong - and so is intuition. Follow your gut and be sensitive to other people’s feelings as well as your own. Watch out for moodiness and a tendency to cling.

Leo - When the Moon is in Leo, life feels fun! This is an excellent day for play, showing off, and adorning yourself in all the glittery things. Leo rules the heart so be sure to follow yours as much as possible. Express your feelings with big, bold gestures and above all, don’t play small. Watch out for drama or a tendency to hog the spotlight.

Virgo - When the Moon is in Virgo, it’s time to take care of all the little things. Handle the details, declutter your home, organize plans, and clean up your act. A practical, service-oriented approach is best in all matters. This is also a fabulous day for upgrading your health regimens. Mental activity is strong and a desire for routines may lead to lots of fretting over the small stuff. Watch for a tendency to get hung up on perfectionism.

Libra - When the Moon is in Libra, the energy becomes harmonious and balanced. You can create beauty in any area of your life. Tend to your most important relationships - you can strengthen them now. Also: Libra is associated with justice, making this the perfect day to speak up if you see injustice anywhere. Diplomacy and tact are needed if you’re trying to negotiate deals. This is not a great day for decision-making as this lunation tends to create analysis paralysis and people-pleasing vibes. You’ll also want to watch out for passive-aggressiveness in yourself and others.

Scorpio - When the Moon is in Scorpio, you can get to the bottom of things. Intuition allows you to see through every situation. In other words, your bullshit detector operates on full volume today. Feelings tend to be intense and may lean toward the dramatic. While this can add excitement to the day, anger can boil over, and brooding needs to be avoided. This is an excellent Moon for handling finances, getting laid, and enjoying some alone time. You’ll want to watch out for jealousy and vindictiveness.

Sagittarius - When the Moon is in Sagittarius, we’re all feeling jovial and restless. This is your day to roam, travel, and broaden your horizons. Why sit still when there is so much to see and do? Truth and freedom vibrate strongly this day - be ready to take a stand if you witness something unethical going down. Seek adventures and be sure to have fun! Above all, remain spontaneous as you never know when some interesting new opportunity may arise. Watch out for hypocrisy or a tendency to push your beliefs on others.

Capricorn - When the Moon is in Capricorn, you can get so much done. Create a plan of action, organize your tools, and keep going! Be ambitious! Big goals can be accomplished today if you stay on it. This is also your best day to revamp the structures in your life, especially around your career and finances. Look at the long term and plan accordingly. Watch out for materialism and a tendency to put ambitions above people. Also: don’t be too serious. Lighten up.

Aquarius - When the Moon is in Aquarius, it’s a wonderful time to connect with friends. Attend gatherings, throw a party, or meet up for lunch. Also, other types of group activities may be attractive now, especially those with humanitarian goals. Get involved in a worthy cause and start creating an inclusive future. Logic rules now, making it easier to solve problems while remaining objective. You may be drawn to unusual experiences as well. This is a favorable day for updating your technology. Watch out for aloofness or a desire for freedom at all costs.

Pisces - When the Moon is in Pisces, emotions run deep and intuition is heightened. We’re all in our feelings and it’s easy to get lost there. Ground and center as much as possible. This is a sensitive lunation, which makes it easier to understand how the other person feels. Compassion is strong and a desire to help your fellow humans leads the way. The Pisces Moon can lead to escapism too. Watch out for overindulging in substances - or unproductive daydreaming.

The Sun’s Transits Through the Signs

The Sun’s Transits Through the Signs

March 25, 2022

Episode 155. In this next series of episodes, we will explore transits, beginning with transits through the signs. Today we will cover Sun transits through the signs with brief descriptions on how each transit might impact the general public.

The Sun spends about 30 days in a sign. The Sun can indicate general themes and can give clues as to where you need to direct your energy. It can also impact how we express ourselves - or how we should.

Let’s go through each sign:

Aries - When the Sun is in Aries, the energy becomes passionate, intense, and impulsive. We’re all raring to go - and this may be the time get started on something new. Whether you’re blazing a trail, burning a bridge, or conquering the next big thing, you’ve got lots of firepower at your disposal. During this period, you can take bold risks. But you’ll need to look before you leap because sometimes this transit could find you landing in hot water if you don’t.

Taurus - When the Sun is in Taurus, the energy is grounded, earth, and chill. This is a time to move slowly towards your goals. Determination is abundant, giving you the ability to make steady progress. Security, money, and sensuality may be focal points during this transit. You can create safety while enjoying life’s pleasures. Watch out for stubbornness, which can derail relationships. Don’t be a stick in the mud!

Gemini - When the Sun is in Gemini, the energy is quick, witty, and curious. A thirst for knowledge may find you taking classes or reading lots of books. Current events may be of interest and your social life could become lively with lots of invites or short trips. You may also be more talkative and engaged in interesting conversations or debates. Watch out for a tendency to be flaky. Keep your head in your books and not the clouds.

Cancer - When the Sun is in Cancer, the energy becomes tender and sensitive. You may be “in your feelings” a lot - and so may other folks. This means relationships could get deeper - or more dramatic. Home, family, children, and security become important during this period. You may be interested in taking care of your house and the people you love. Intuition is keen but if emotions run too hot, you can lose your objectivity.

Leo - When the Sun is in Leo, it’s happy as can be. The Sun rules Leo, so it is at home here. This transit brings out a playful, courageous, and gregarious vibe. You may want more time for leisure. This is a flashy transit - which means the bigger the better. Grand declarations, bold outfits, and grabbing the mic is all the rage. Just be mindful you’re not hogging the spotlight.

Virgo - When the Sun is in Virgo, details matter. So does practicality. This is your best time to clean up your act and put things into divine order. Look at where you need to declutter your world - and get to work. If you take the time to organize your life now,  you’ll move through the year with less stress. The Sun in Virgo also shines a light on your habits. Are you getting enough exercise? How about sleep? What are you putting in your body? Check in and change the course if you’re heading in an unhealthy direction.

Libra - When the Sun is in Libra relationships are on the front burner. Strengthen your current partnerships - and be ready to welcome new people into your world. Look at how you can compromise. If you’re willing to be a good team player, you can go further much faster. Libra favors harmony - which means you’ll want to remain diplomatic. A bit of politeness goes a long way now. If you find yourself in the middle of a situation, take a step back and make sure you can remain objective. If you can’t, it’s better to stay out of it. Decision making can be hard at this time. Give yourself plenty of time to weigh the pros and cons. Lastly watch out for people pleasing and passive-aggressive behavior from yourself or others.

Scorpio - When the Sun is in Scorpio, intimacy is IN. How are you sharing your resources and secrets with others? Are you allowing others in or are you hoarding all the goodies for yourself? If you can let go, you can merge your assets - or your body. Scorpio wants depth - a half in half out approach won’t work. It’s all or nothing. Passions run hot, which adds intensity to this month. Scorpio is also associated with intuition - be sure to trust your instincts in all matters. Watch out for jealousy, brooding, and revenge, the shadow of this strong-willed sign!

Sagittarius - When the Sun is in Sagittarius, the vibe is jovial and adventurous. Now is the time to get out and about. Travel around the world if you can. If you can’t, look for other ways to broaden your horizons: take classes, read books, have conversations with wise elders. Above all, don’t be too fond of your own opinions. Open your mind and you may develop a whole new philosophy. This transit can also bring out foolish optimism and hypocrisy. Keep your feet on the ground and keep it real.

Capricorn - When the Sun is in Capricorn, you can get SO MUCH DONE. This is your cue to follow the rules, organize your to-dos, and get to work. If you are willing to do your work, you can go far. Ambitions are strong and it’s easier to see which rung to climb to reach the top of the ladder. The harder you work and the more focused you are, the bigger the prizes. Capricorn wants structures and systems - if you don’t have them, create them now. But do make sure you have time for play. All work and no play is never a good look on anyone.

Aquarius - When the Sun is in Aquarius, everyone feels restless. Change and innovation are IN. Rather than stick with the tried and true, this transit says “let’s do something no one else has ever done before.” Shake up your industry, set fashion trends, update your technology to the latest gear, and break a few rules. That being said, a rebel without a cause - let’s not do that. Instead, find a worthy cause to support. Friends are playing a big role in this month’s events. If it’s been a minute since you’ve had a coffee date with your pals, you can find the time.

Pisces - When the Sun is in Pisces you can connect with your feelings. What are your emotions trying to tell you about a given situation? Trust they are giving you the information that you need. Intuition is elevated and compassion is easier to find. You might feel like giving back or helping out folks in need. Give what you can but make sure you don’t lose your own shirt along the way. Pisces season is most excellent for artists and musicians. The muses are singing loudly - and creative inspiration is abundant. This transit can bring out flakiness or an unwillingness to face the facts. Be sure to ground and center yourself!

Holistic Astrology with Narayana Montúfar

Holistic Astrology with Narayana Montúfar

March 4, 2022

Episode 154. Did you know there are many branches of astrology? In this episode of Astrology Bytes, Narayana Montúfar, author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power, joins me to talk about Holistic Astrology, a path that focuses on healing. 

Synastry with Kim Woods

Synastry with Kim Woods

February 11, 2022

Episode 153. Wondering if you're compatible with your new honey? Astrology can help! In this episode of Astrology Bytes, Kim Woods joins me to talk about "synastry," the astrological study of human relationships. Kim breaks down what she looks at first (it might surprise you - it's NOT Venus!) and how to understand the dynamics between two charts. 

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