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How to Understand Your Venus with Rachel Lang

How to Understand Your Venus with Rachel Lang

October 8, 2021

Episode 145. When we think of Venus in astrology, we assume it's only about romance. While it does have a lot to say about l'amour, Venus is also associated with money. In this episode, astrologer and author Rachel Lang talks about how to understand your Venus so that you can make better decisions in love and money. Rachel also gives a glimpse into her new book, Modern Day Magic: 8 Simple Rules to Realize your Power and Shape Your Life.

The Progressed Moon with Celeste Brooks

The Progressed Moon with Celeste Brooks

September 24, 2021

Episode 144. Of all the progressed planets, the Moon moves the quickest. What impact might it have on the individual? What does it reveal about our emotional lives? Astrologer Celeste Brooks joins me to discuss the role the progressed Moon has in predicting the future, your attitude, and your emotional growth. You'll also learn how to work with the energy of your progressed Moon and what you need to know about the aspects it makes to your natal chart.

Astrology for Writers with Jeanna Kadlec

Astrology for Writers with Jeanna Kadlec

September 17, 2021

No writer is the same. Each one has a unique voice, point of view, style, and process - much like an astrology chart. Once you understand your natal blueprint, you know how to make your writing work for you. In this episode of Astrology Bytes, I'm joined by author and astrologer Jeanna Kadlec to discuss astrology for writers. Jeanna shares what astrology reveals about the writer, how to lean into different transits to max out your writing, and more. She also gives the low down on her new self-study program, Astrology For Writers - a must-have for any writer who wants to connect their writing practice to the cosmos (psst...when you do, your work will flow!).

Astrology and Your Money Habits with Kim Woods

Astrology and Your Money Habits with Kim Woods

September 3, 2021

Episode 142. What does astrology reveal about your money habits? Where do you look to understand how you spend or save? More importantly, how can you use this astrological information to change your financial situation? Kim Woods joins me today on Astrology Bytes to talk about all of this and more (including what you need to know when you and your partner have radically different aspects around money!). 

Astrology and Children with Briana Saussy

Astrology and Children with Briana Saussy

August 27, 2021

Episode 141. What can astrology reveal about children? And how can we as parents use that information? Briana Saussy, author of Starchild: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology, joins me for an illuminating discussion on astrology and children.

Using Elements of Astrology to Look at Your Blind Spots with Compassion with Debra Silverman

Using Elements of Astrology to Look at Your Blind Spots with Compassion with Debra Silverman

July 25, 2021

Episode 140. Astrologer Debra Silverman shares how you can work with the elements in astrology to find your blind spots - and compassion for yourself. 

Uranus Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

Uranus Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

July 16, 2021

Episode 139. Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun - and it’s an “ice giant” and the fourth-largest planetary mass in the solar system. It also has 27 moons and rings just like Saturn! In astrology, Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius and is associated with change, freedom, and individuality.

Where Uranus is placed in your natal chart shows the areas of your life where you are original, non-conformist, and where you might experience sudden changes. It can also tell something about your intuitive gifts or unique work you’re here to do as well as the groups or friends in your life. If afflicted, it can indicate where you’re rebellious.

1st: Uranus in the first house indicates you’re a true non-conformist. You don’t care if you fit in. Instead, you want to express your individuality freely. You might be regarded as eccentric or unconventional - and you may dress in a way that gets people talking. If poorly aspected, you may be unpredictable or unstable.

2nd: Uranus in the second house means your financial situation may be changeable. One day you’re earning a lot, the next day, it’s gone. You can be impulsive with money and may get involved in crackpot schemes. However, you may also have unique talents for making money or could be interested in dedicating your resources to humanitarian causes.

3rd: Uranus in the third house blesses you with an intuitive mind. You think differently than everyone else - and maybe quite inventive. You’re also objective, which makes you well suited for science, journalism, or media. You need a lot of mental stimulation because you’re easily bored. If Uranus is afflicted, you may be prone to impracticality or flakiness.

4th: Uranus in the fourth indicates an unusual upbringing or home life. Your family may be unconventional or eccentric. There may be a lot of freedom in your home - or your household may be filled with all sorts of tech gear. Friends become members of the family. If afflicted, you may move a lot or have problems with your parents.

5th: Uranus in the fifth house indicates romance that seems to come into your life under unusual circumstances. It’s possible you may meet someone out of the blue or through friends - but relationships could end as suddenly as they begin. This placement could also mean promiscuity. If you have children, they may be intellectually gifted or unusual in some way. If afflicted, you may seek pleasure through unhealthy means - or you may experience an unplanned pregnancy.

6th: Uranus in the sixth house could mean a career in science, computers, technology, or spiritual healing. You make friends at work easily and enjoy being in an environment where you are free to be yourself. You don’t like supervision much and may choose to leave jobs where you feel monitored. If afflicted, you may experience periods of job instability. A poorly aspected Uranus can also indicate stress-related health issues.

7th: Uranus in the seventh house could mean a need for freedom in your relationships. You will not tolerate being housebound - you want to come and go as you please. Relationships may be begin under unusual circumstances and end suddenly. If afflicted, you’ll need to be careful around lawsuits and public relations. One wrong move and you’re sued…or canceled.

8th: Uranus in the eighth house indicates a strong connection to the other side. You may possess mediumship abilities or have unique insights into what makes people tick. Your finances could change suddenly through inheritances or joint finances such as marriage or a business partnership. If afflicted, there may be issues with taxes or alimony. Unwise speculation should be avoided as much as possible.

9th: Uranus in the ninth house could indicate an interest in unorthodox ideas around religion, philosophy, higher education or other cultures. You may travel widely and at the spur of the moment. If afflicted, you may be drawn to weird cults or radical political/social philosophies. A poorly aspected Uranus here could also mean fanaticism.

10th: Uranus in the 10th house brings a career in science, technology, robotics, mathematics, or astrology. You may also be involved in something unusual or perhaps have a reputation for being an eccentric or radical. Your status could change suddenly and if afflicted, you could experience a quick rise to the top followed by a shocking downfall.

11th: Uranus in the 11th is accidentally dignified and usually indicates a strong humanitarian aspect to your personality. You’ll have friends from every walk of life and tend to accept people as they are. That being said, you’re also a bit of a lone wolf. Although you run with different packs, you’re not bound to any of them. You need freedom in your friendships. If afflicted, your friends may turn on you suddenly. You’ll need to be cautious with who gets into your inner circle.

12th: Uranus in the 12th house often means you are curious about how the world works - and how you do too. You’ll be interested in meditation, spiritual pursuits, and introspection. Your intuition is sharp and you may even be clairvoyant. If afflicted, you may lose your grip on reality. You need to remain grounded at all times, but especially if you’re dabbling in mediumship.


Navigating Your Saturn Return with Lisa Stardust

Navigating Your Saturn Return with Lisa Stardust

July 2, 2021

Episode 138. The Saturn return is one of the most pivotal astrological transits you'll ever experience. It brings new growth...and plenty of challenges. Astrologer Lisa Stardust, author of Saturn Return Survival Guide: Navigating This Cosmic Rite of Passage, shares her wisdom on how to navigate this tricky and powerful time.

The Soul Codes in Your Natal Chart with Debbie Frank

The Soul Codes in Your Natal Chart with Debbie Frank

June 18, 2021

Episode 137. Did you know your astrology chart holds clues to what your soul is here to learn? In this episode of Astrology Bytes, UK-based astrologer and author of What’s Your Soul Sign?: Astrology for Waking Up, Transforming and Living a High-Vibe Life shares the secrets of finding your purpose through astrology. Learn about the Nodes, what certain aspects have to say about the people in your life and more.

Saturn Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

Saturn Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

June 11, 2021

Episode 136. Saturn is the “ringed planet.”  In astrology, it is associated with lessons and limitations.

Where Saturn is placed in your natal chart shows the areas of your life where you may experience challenges and must shoulder responsibilities. If you lean into it, you can develop discipline and grow.

1st: Saturn in the first house indicates a disciplined, serious personality. You may appear aloof or unfriendly. You’re hardworking, logical, and not afraid to take on heavy responsibilities. If afflicted, you may be selfish and materialistic - or overly concerned with your status.

2nd: Saturn in the second house means you’ll work hard for the money and are ambitious to acquire wealth. You have shrewd business instincts and might be frugal with your resources. If afflicted, you might be overly preoccupied with material objects - or anxious about your money and unable to enjoy it.

3rd: Saturn in the third house creates mental discipline and a fine, practical mind. You might work in publishing or education. If you have this placement, you’ll want to exercise caution with contracts. If afflicted, you may have difficult relationships with siblings - or you might be a Debbie Downer.

4th: Saturn in the fourth means you may be responsible for your family. For example, you may be a caretaker for your parents. This is a favorable placement for those who have home-based businesses or are involved in building or real estate. If afflicted, you may be the black sheep of your family - or may have trouble cutting ties with them.

5th: Saturn in the fifth house indicates challenges with parenting and romance. You might be too serious with children - or may have to take the lead in romantic relationships. This placement is good for artists, investors, or entertainers. If afflicted, romantic opportunities may be scarce or you may suffer creative blocks. An afflicted Saturn in the fifth could also indicate strained relationships with children.

6th: Saturn in the sixth house brings a great work ethic and a serious attitude toward health. You may be a health nut - or a workaholic. This is an excellent placement for careers in health care, science, or engineering. If afflicted, you might have trouble with employers.

7th: Saturn in the seventh house creates a serious attitude around relationships. You enter into every partnership with a desire to make it last. You have a keen sense of justice and would make an excellent lawyer. If afflicted, you might experience loss through relationships or lawsuits.

8th: Saturn in the eighth house indicates responsibilities with joint finances, inheritances, or taxes. For example, you may be in charge of an estate or could be the main breadwinner in your household. If afflicted, you might be denied an inheritance or could be subject to heavy taxation or loss through alimony.

9th: Saturn in the ninth house could mean a serious interest in academia, religion, or philosophy. You may choose a career in one of these fields or become an expert. It’s also possible you may be interested in publishing or international law. If afflicted, you could become narrow-minded or a hypocrite.

10th: Saturn in the 10th house means your ambitions will lead to success and status. You could be a politician or public figure. In some way, you’re born to lead. If afflicted, you could experience many obstacles on the way. If you abuse your power, your fall from grace will be swift and fierce.

11th: Saturn in the 11th could mean you take a serious approach to friendships. You might even take care of your friends in some way. If afflicted, your friends may use you - or vice versa.

12th: Saturn in the 12th house indicates you may spend time in seclusion. For example, you may choose to live in an ashram or work behind the scenes in a large institution such as a hospital. If afflicted, you may struggle with loneliness or may have secret enemies who cause trouble at the worst possible times.

Those are some mini thoughts about Mars in the natal chart houses. If you want to learn more, be sure to grab a copy of Astrology for Real Life - a No BS Guide for the Astro-Curious. I also recommend Planets in Houses: Experiencing Your Environment Planets by Robert Pelletier.


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